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Information to Improve your Fitting

When doing fittings, some of the most important information comes from the client. Sharing your goals and expectations improves the odds of getting the most benefit from a fitting. Items like, I want to improve my approach shot accuracy, increase this distance with my driver, short game success, or reduce the number of putts per round.

Some things you should do to understand the gaps in your game are; 1) Keep track of the number of fairways hit. 2) Record the number of greens hit in regulation. 3) How many putts per hole. You can go even deeper by recording what side of the fairway, (on or off) your ball landed. Distance from the hole, left, right, long or short on your approach shots. The number of pitch or chip shots inside a three to five foot circle is a key to short term success.

Where you play most often can be an invaluable piece of information. The conditions of the different surfaces help with selecting the right wedge lofts and bounce. Are the fairways hard and have a lot of run out? Are the greens fast or slow? Are the fairways tight or wide open, greens small or large?

All this information in identifying will not only help find what each club build will be, it also will help with identifying the set make up. This will help you to understand the best place to spend your valuable dollars.

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