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Are You Good Enough to Get Mad?

Watching the ZoZo Championship and seeing Rory McIlroy break his club ( after a bad shot, reminds me of a story Lou Holtz tells about playing with Jack Nicklaus.

As Lou tells it, he was not playing well, throwing clubs, cussing, and basically throwing a tantrum. Jack walks up to him and says “stop, you’re not good enough to get mad”. Lou says from the that point forward he has started to enjoy playing golf a lot more, controlling his temper.

While I say on occasion, (with a little tongue in cheek) “club technicians love angry golfers, because they keep us in business”. Learn from Lou Holtz, most of us are not good enough to get mad, plus when the pros do this their club sponsor replaces the club at no cost to them. You, on the other hand, have to bring your club to me with a little egg on your face and pay me to replace the shaft.

Go and enjoy the long walk, every great shot, and forget the bad ones. HAVE FUN!!!!

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